...a very northern welcome
...a very northern welcome

Do you ever wonder why one pub is jam packed whilst just down the road another is desolate? Is it pricing?  Is it decor?  Or is it the service you can expect? At Northern Hospitality we think all the above is important but it's the people that attract people. It's our recommendation that you employ well, train well and then empower your team to wow your customers.

Once you have your team in place, you can now work on your offer. What the main reason to visit? Great food? Cask Ales? Televised Sport and bar games? Live entertainment? Who are your customers? What price can they / will they pay?


Do you need to energise and focus your team?


Need a break and want a safe pair of hands?


Working hard for sales? Maximising your profit potential?  


Let us find you your perfect team member, all levels.


Where are you in the market place. Can or should you pivot?